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Fivetran Advanced Consulting Partner

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Cleartelligence is a Fivetran Advanced Consulting Partner who can help you implement and maintain a modern data analytics environment. Fivetran data connectors continuously replicate data from your business sources into your cloud warehouse, so you’ll always have the information you need - no matter how many apps you use or how many queries you run.

Why Implement Fivetran?

  • Automatic adjustment to schema and API changes

  • Zero-maintenance, fully managed replication

  • In-warehouse transformation, with custom logic and views

  • Prebuilt connectors

  • Analysis-ready schemas

  • Rapid data access via incremental loads

  • Complete data and schema replication

  • Rapid recovery from failure

  • Automated data integration for Snowflake

  • End-to-end analytics workflow automation with dbt and Snowflake

How does Fivetran Power the Modern Data Stack?

How Does Fivetran Power the Modern Data Stack

Complimentary Resources - No forms!

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Accelerate your analytics strategy

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