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eLearning Platform

Our comprehensive online learning platform delivers the most relevant, up-to-date information on leading technologies so you can learn anywhere, anytime.

Why learn with us?

The Cleartelligence eLearning Platform provides the high-quality learning experience of our live training on your schedule. Participate in hands-on exercises, self-assessments, and video walkthroughs to sharpen your analytical skills at your own pace.

Course Include:

Practical Tableau


Interactive Tableau


Practical Alteryx


Alteryx Orchestration


Advandced Tableau


Tableau Workbook Performance


Advanced Alteryx


Course Include:

Skills Assessments

Check your learning and track
your progress, so you can
learn with confidence.

Professional Support

Feeling stuck? Reach out to
our experts on the Message
Board, we’re here to help.

Supporting Materials

Videos, workbooks, and
exercises included, because
practice makes perfect.

Flexible Learning

Life is busy, learn on your
own terms. Access content
anywhere, anytime.

Level up, from novice to master

Videos and interactive content are based on real world applications, built to teach you the basics and coach you until you’ve achieved true mastery.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

In Progress

Start your analytics journey today.

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