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Upcoming Events

dbt Boston Meet-Up

September 27, 2023 | Rapid7 HQ - 120 Causeway Street, Boston, MA

Cleartelligence is excited to announce its partnership with dbt Labs in bringing the data engineering community together for quarterly Meet-Ups! 


With dbt, data analysts and engineers can build analytics the way engineers build applications. We will predominantly focus on people's experience with dbt, but will also discuss broader topics related to data teams, such as data stacks, data ops, modeling, testing, and team structures.

➡️ Join the dbt Slack community:

🤝🏽 Be part of the conversation in the #local-bos channel in dbt Slack!

🗣️ Interested in speaking at a dbt Meet-Up? Contact Chitra Sundaram to discuss topics!

8th annual Chart Champ

October 4 | Boston University

Chart Champ is an annual event that brings together the data analytics community. The centerpiece of the event is the Tableau Dashboard competition, and where the event gets its name. The winner, as selected by our panel of judges, is crowned that year's Chart Champ. 


Over the years, Chart Champ has grown into more than a data visualization event. Attendees participate in technology presentations and workshops spanning the full spectrum of end-to-end analytics. Whether you're an analyst building amazing visualizations, or a data engineer doing ELT/ETL and cloud warehousing, Chart Champ has something for you. 


Women In Consulting Panel Discussion

October 23 | Simmons University

Past Events

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