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We offer you more than just a job; we provide a dynamic and collaborative environment where your expertise can truly make an impact. Our team prioritizes people and process, ensuring that every member has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully and grow professionally. If you're passionate about leveraging data to fuel business outcomes and are seeking a rewarding career where you can thrive and make a difference, Cleartelligence is the place for you. 

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“The partners at Cleartelligence really care about their employees. They understand that we all have families and lives outside of work and they make a deliberate and thoughtful effort to ensure we are healthy, happy and fulfilled. There is a level of trust between management and employees here that is hard to come by in the working world.”

Dustin Cabral

Principal Consultant

“Working with Cleartelligence has exposed me to new industries, grown my professional network across multiple companies, and given me opportunities to learn cutting edge technologies. It has been great experience for my professional AND personal development!”

Rachel Carrier

Senior Data Consultant

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“Cleartelligence’s focus on building long-term relationship with clients helps me intertwine my purpose into everything that the company does. It provides me space to lean into my interests and personally learn while helping clients. The culture of openly sharing and learning information among colleagues without the fear of being judged is paramount here.”

Chitra Sundaram

Principal Consultant

Grow Your Career With Us

Perks and Benefits

Flexible Work

Client dependent Remote days and flexible hours

Excellent Benefits for the Whole Family

Competitive benefits, health plans and 401k

Great People and Supportive leadership

Smart, friendly colleagues and increase independence

Fun Events to Connect with Colleagues

Company events to connect with the team

Industry  Conferences

Go to user groups, meetups and conferences

Learning and Development

Access to tools, training materials and mentors

Start your journey today.

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