Driving Modern Self Service Analytics

Digital transformation and data-driven culture is developed by implementing analytics best practices that address technology, processes, and people.

Our Approach

Enterprise Analytics Enablement has dramatically impacted the approach and frameworks required to transform organizations into data driven cultures.

This holistic approach drives the fundamentals supporting enablement such as establishing a Center Of Excellence (COE), Community, Self-Service Analytics, and Training. Our advisory and enablement programs are designed to help organizations understand how to deploy a successful analytics program.​

We help clients enable enterprise analytics with a focus on four key building blocks: 


Data preparation



Analytics Roadmaps

Analytic Roadmaps

Our senior consulting team collaborates with your technical and business teams to define your analytics strategy and develop short and long term roadmaps

Analytics Community


Build a community to learn and collectively solve problems. Help drive user adoption and create a culture for sharing and excellence

Self Service Business Intelligence

Self Service BI

Empower your business users to build their own analytics content and free up valuable IT resources to focus on strategic information management goals

Community Best Practices

Having a modern analytics community is the cornerstone of a successful enterprise date driven culture. Cleartelligence will advised and help you implement a successful analytic community within your organization leveraging best practices involving maturity assessments, internal support portals, self-service enablement, data and BI content governance, training, and enterprise environment management.

Analytics Center of Excellence

Analytics COE

A data analytics center of excellence can provide a central authority for best practices, delivery, support and implementation of standards.

Center of Excellence Best Practices

COE Best Practices

We will share our expertise and experiences to help you gain and understanding of your analytics current state, educate yours teams on how to assess your analytics maturity, develop a COE Roadmap, and provide actionable playbooks to evolve as an organization

Analytics Training


Accelerate your organization's capabilities leveraging our classroom and virtual training for Tableau and Alteryx. Offering classes for all expertise levels

Enterprise Architecture

Learn from our senior analytics team the best path forward to modernized your enterprise architecture. We have extensive expertise in data analytics cloud migrations leveraging the latest platforms, database technologies, data architecture strategies, and implementation approach.

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