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Monitor departmental vital signs with IT Executive Performance solutions!

The IT department is an intricate machine. From project delivery to enterprise architecture and project management, there are numerous groups that ensure an organization’s technical success. Managing this operation efficiently and accurately is key to this success.

The IT Executive Performance solution can be leveraged by the executive team as well as project managers to oversee their operations portfolio. This solution provides the executive leadership key indicators that provide invaluable insights into solution and service delivery. Cleartelligence has collaborated with IT executives across its accounts to deliver dashboards that drive insights and engage the leadership team across an organization.

IT Executive Performance solutions leverage project and service data to construct a dashboard that provides real-time performance metrics. Make more agile, more efficient decisions by digitizing this previously manual process of reporting out project metrics, financial performance, and support services.

CIOs are able to present their organization’s vital signs with a simple click and a one screen summary, with the ability to drill into every metric, down to the transactional level.

Better decisions start with better data!

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