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Bulk Pricing

Price to close!

Enable your merchandizing organization to establish promotional prices to maximize reach while maintain acceptable margins

The Retail Industry was turned on its head in 2020. It was a time that challenged companies to innovate and find creative ways to navigate a dynamically shifting environment to support their customer base. We've collaborated with our retail and consumer goods customers to solve for this unprecedented time with our industry knowledge and of course, data!

The Bulk Pricing Promo Solution is one of many solutions that enables companies to pivot quickly and leverage data to sustain business. This solution allows merchandizing organizations to establish promotional prices to maximize reach while maintain acceptable margins.

The Bulk Promo Pricing Solution leverages contracted pricing data with historical sales data to drive insights in a Tableau dashboard. These dashboards create a visually appealing analysis that empowers merchandising teams to test out various scenarios and gain a holistic view of pricing.

Additionally, it allows teams to analyze margin in relation to volume. Previously, organizations may have been providing too much discounting without understanding the broader implications. This solution helps drive a strong understanding of the crucial impact margin has on viability and success.

Single View of All Customers

Single View of All Customers

View an organization’s vital signs while being able to drill into each metric down to the most granular level

Engage Leaders

Engage leaders at the organization by presenting through an interactive dashboard solution

Automated Solution

No more spending hours pulling data to present during a 30 min meeting. The solution updates data with a single click so more time can be spent analyzing

Contact us to arrange a demo or discuss how you can leverage our Bulk Pricing Dashboard within your organization.

Your Data Awaits

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