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This month's Consultant Spotlight is Amelia Browning!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Amelia is a Data Visualization & Analytics Consultant at Cleartelligence. She provides consultation on data visualization best practices, defining metrics of success, and streamlining & simplifying data stream processing. She is a Tableau Desktop Specialist, and samples of her work can be found on her Tableau Public profile.

Prior to joining Cleartelligence, Amelia worked in the advertising industry, analyzing digital media data. She honed her data skills designing a data warehouse and weekly analytical reports for a multi-million-dollar restaurant client. She studied mathematics with a concentration in statistical learning at the University of Massachusetts Boston, which she put to work in her Chart Champ 2020 finalist dashboard, the Gender Blender, analyzing the effect of gender weighting on IMDB movie ratings.

Amelia's Specialties

- Building Tableau dashboards

- Data visualization best practices

- Database design/layout

Amelia's Hobbies

- Board games (both playing them & designing them)

- Point & click adventures games and other forms of narrative media

- Amateur ghost hunting (the more amateur the better)

Amelia's Cool Data Story

For Chart Champ 2020, I analyzed the effect of gender weighting on IMDB reviews for horror movies. The vast majority of horror movies on IMDB had more ratings from men than from women, so I calculated new ratings from a modeled audience of even gender distribution for each movie, and looked at the biggest "winners" and "losers" in movie ratings. For popular (10,000+ reviews) American movies, it wasn't surprising to me that the biggest rating drop happened to The Lighthouse, a critically acclaimed, moody horror flick that contemplates the worst characteristics of masculinity. The top 10 biggest rating increases, however, came from fun B-movie flicks that are apparently more appreciated by women, including Jaws: The Revenge (the fourth entry in the franchise), Plan 9 From Outer Space (a classic '50s B-movie from Ed Wood), and three of the seven Resident Evil franchise movies, starring Milla Jovovich.

When asked, "What do you enjoy most about working at Cleartelligence?" Amelia said...

I love being able to put my passion for data and design to good use, with clients who value best practices and standards, and talented colleagues who push me to grow my skills.


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