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Chart Champ 2020 Recap

And that's a wrap! Our three day virtual Chart Champ event packed with workshops and learning experiences focused on Tableau, Alteryx, and Snowflake has come to an end. We'd like to give a big shoutout to our contestants and attendees for another successful year!

If you missed out on the fun, head over to our Webinars page to watch the top 5 finalists battle it out for the title of Chart Champ 2020.

Let's catch those of you who are new to the annual Chart Champ competition up to speed. Participants are challenged to create a dashboard with a provided dataset (the theme of the competition, if you will). Participants are encouraged to make the analysis their own and take the dashboard in whichever direction they see fit based on the data. The top 5 finalists are chosen judging by overall design (25%), functionality (25%), and storytelling/overall usability (50%). After each of the finalists present their analytical masterpieces, the winners are selected (and prizes are given out!).

This year's dataset was "IMDB Horror Movies". Check out the top 5 finalist dashboards below!

Chart Champ 2020 Top 5 Finalists

Nataliia Maksimova - Horror Tops

John Whitmer - A History of Violence

Amelia Browning - The Gender Blender


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