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2020.1 Tableau New Features

Updated: May 1, 2020

Dynamic Parameters

Finally! One of the most requested features has come to Tableau in 2020.1. Dynamic Parameters! Now your parameter list values will update whenever someone opens the workbook.

Utilizing parameters as filters and other user interface options in ever changing environments has always felt like a time sink. Going through workbooks to refresh lists of stores, products, customers, time periods, the list goes on, is over!

When this was announced at TC19 you could feel the excitement and communal sighs of relief. Now, less than six months later we’re all brimming with ideas and dashboards we can implement Dynamic Parameters in.

Viz Animations

To compliment Dynamic Parameters and elevate user interactivity, Viz Animations also comes in 2020.1.

User interactions such as sorting, filtering, adding fields, and other actions cause your visuals to smoothly transition. The data folds, expands, and shifts on screen allowing users to follow along with changes.

This is something that adds a lot of polish and a level of professionalism to your dashboards. Using this to analyze data and drill down into root causes has me saying, “Enhance… enhance…” with each click that brings me closer and closer to insight. I can’t wait to show off dashboards using this to stakeholders, management, and execs.

Buffer Calculations

Another cool thing in 2020.1 is the Buffer Calculation for maps and spatial analysis.This new feature allows us to easily visualize buffers and boundaries around locations with a simple calc.Now we don’t need to break out the calculus to show which competitors are within range or how much overlap coverage there is among locations.Set up some parameters and let your users experiment for the optimal range.

That does it for the major features being released in Tableau 2020.1. You can see Viz Animations and the Buffer Calc in action at Superstore 2020.1.

Other features include Connector improvements, Explain Data improvements, Easy dashboard export and more. Check out all the features at Make sure you head over to Tableau Public to check out Dashboards already using these features.


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