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Cloud and Infrastructure

Modernize Data Analytics

As companies evolve their data analytics to drive more self-serves, advanced analytics, and ML/AI, the modern approach is to leverage cloud environments and cloud database platforms.

Our Approach

We assess your current environment and implement solutions that focus on key characteristics of modern data architecture involving flexibility, automation/orchestration, governance, collaboration, elastic/scalable, and security.

Our team provides assessments and roadmaps to align your company's objectives with the benefits of a cloud data solution.

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

  • Low total cost of ownership: transfers hardware, time-consuming upgrades, consistent maintenance, and outage management

  • Improved speed & performance: designed to handle multiple data streams at various velocities

  • Secure data: cloud data can be more secure, and less costly to maintain

  • Increased data storage: dynamic and elastics data options - providers offer a “pay-as-you-go” subscription model

  • Improved access & integration: accommodate various data types ; built-in data governance

  • Better disaster recovery: support asynchronous duplication of data, and perform consistent snapshots and backups automatically.

  • Leveraged cloud & cloud elasticity: add more capacity when required and when demand is low, storage and compute power can shrink

Data Architecture Trends

Data Architecture Trends

Understand existing analytics, architectures, and the impact of modern cloud data solutions.

Cloud Data Assessment

Cloud Data Assessment

Review your current data environments and provide insights on cloud data architecture.

Cloud Migration Roadmap

Cloud Migration Roadmap

Learn how to remove on-premises database environments and upgrade to modern cloud data architecture.

Cloud Data Solutions

Cloud Data Solutions

Deliver solutions for data analytics cloud migrations, data architecture, pipelining, & curation

Accelerate your analytics strategy

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