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Our Approach

Data Management encompasses many areas involving on-premise and cloud aritecture, data ingestion, cloud pipelining/orchestration, data modeling, governance, and security. Our data engineers have in depth experience to advise, design, and implement your enterprise needs.

When we hear the word engineer, we often think of innovation, design, and construction of great systems and structures.  Our clever engineers apply these same principles to data management, resulting in streamlined processes and optimized data structures devised to support all your business needs. 

In creating these expert systems, we enable analysts and other business experts to perform data discovery and find underlying trends without having to worry about the accuracy of the underlying data. 

Data Architecture

Lean on our expertise for modeling, storing, organizing, cleaning, integrating, and standardizing your data for optimal utilization and business value.

Data Blending

Deploying self-service data blending capabilities using tools like Alteryx allows technology savvy business users to combine data from multiple sources without IT support.

Data Governance

Let our consultants build a data governance strategy for the implementation of policies and procedures to manage the availability, usability, integrity and security of your data.

Data Integration

Leverage our experience for combining your data across disparate systems and implementing automating ETL processes.

Big Data Solutions

Our experts are well versed in deploying the right use cases to leverage Hadoop, spark, hive, sqoop, impala and other "big data" technologies.



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