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Analytics Consulting Services

Working with Cleartelligence

Managing your organization's data is full of challenges. From ensuring data quality to integrating data from various sources and protecting sensitive information, managing data has become more complex than ever before. In addition, limited resources and skill deficits can mean even more obstacles between data and insights. 

Our dedicated team of senior analytics professionals prioritizes people and process, collaborating closely with your team to develop cutting-edge data strategies that fuel business outcomes.

When you work with Cleartelligence, your organization gains a diverse team of consultants who bring deep technical expertise and (usually - we're always trying new things!) experience working with clients in your industry, vertical, and specialty

What analytics consulting services do we offer?

Many boutique analytics consultancies have a narrow field of expertise. They're great at dashboards, but lack data transformation skills to fully optimize their data visualizations. Many do just the behind the scenes data and IT work, but can't help you with stunning dashboards, automated reports, or embedded analytics.

The big firms (you know the ones) can check all the boxes, but often do just that. They leave you feeling a shallowness of engagement - are they really committed to your growth?

Do they actually understand your unique challenges, goals, and aspirations? Do they get your team excited about harnessing the power of their data? 


That's where Cleartelligence is different - we have the technical expertise to provide end-to-end analytics services while also embedding deeply with your team, embracing your corporate culture, and earning buy-in from your chief data officer to your analysts, line of business teams, and even your clients! 

That's how we do what we do. Now, let's dive into the services themselves. 


Once we've established your desired business outcomes, our team of data artists work to re-imagine how your analytics are visualized. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions to complex business problems in a visually inspiring way.


Benefits of Data Visualization Tools: 

  • Powerful, interactive dashboards

  • Curated data sources

  • Embed analytics directly into operational and SaaS solutions

  • Refined data governance capabilities


Data management is the process of acquiring, organizing, storing, and maintaining data throughout its lifecycle.

Benefits of Data Management Systems:

  • Model, store, organize, clean, integrate, and standardize your data

  • Combine your data across disparate systems with ETL/ELT processes

  • Integrate "big data" tools like Hadoop, spark, hive, sqoop, impala


Cloud and infrastructure consulting services provide expertise and guidance to organizations looking to leverage cloud computing and optimize their IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud:

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Improved speed & performance

  • Dynamic & elastic data storage


When you need custom web and mobile development services, it can be a challenge to find the right expertise within your organization. We provide custom web and mobile application development services for departmental, enterprise, and SaaS use. 

Benefits of Custom App Development: 

  • Ensure pragmatic design and sustainable code

  • Design and build continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines

  •  If Fivetran doesn’t have the connector you need, we can create it. 


Enterprise Analytics Enablement has dramatically impacted the approach and frameworks required to transform organizations into data driven cultures.

Benefits of Custom App Development: 

  • Establish Analytics Centers of Excellence

  • Build a community to learn & collectively solve problems

  • Self-service analytics frees up valuable IT resources


Advanced analytics refers to the practice of using sophisticated techniques and tools to dig deeper into data and uncover valuable insights that go beyond basic analysis.

Benefits of AI & Machine Learning:

  • Increase operational efficiency by identifying bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, and reducing costs

  • Improve decision-making by analyzing large volume of data quickly and accurately

  • Encourage innovation and gain new insights hidden within your data

Start your analytics journey today.

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