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Cleartelligence is a Tableau Premier Services Partner, with a large, certified team of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server Qualified experts including Tableau Ambassadors and Visionaries. 

Why Tableau Cloud?

Never have to configure servers, manage software upgrades, or scale hardware capacity again!

  • Embedded Analytics bring data into every conversation. 

  • Build and scale analytics more easily than on premise environments.

  • Hardware and Software are maintained by Tableau.

  • Automatic authentication, and the ability to integrate with your SSO and use MFA

  • Centralized governance ensures your data is secure and trusted.

  • Backups and Disaster Recovery managed by Tableau

  • Tableau Exchange, including Dashboard Starters and Extensions

  • Get the newest features as soon as they are available!

Business Outcomes

A high-growth stage biotech firm needed a scalable solution to deliver analytics both internally and to external customers. Tableau cloud was the perfect solution to handle their rapid growth and complex security needs while providing lightning-fast development for their analytics solutions.

How to Ensure a Successful Cloud Migration

Data Discovery


Our experts thoroughly review your current environment, including:

  • Configuration

  • Security & Permissions

  • Site Content Structure

  • Scheduled Refreshes, Subscriptions, and Data Alerts

  • Data and Dashboard governance process

Cloud Migration


We set up your site and governance, move your data sources and dashboards to Tableau Cloud, and establish processses to keep your data fresh and users happy!

Cloud Migration Planning


We provide a detailed migration roadmap that takes you from provisioning Tableau Cloud through content curation and delivery.

We set you up for a successful migration!

Tableau Cloud Validation


Before going live, we ensure your Tableau Cloud environment is optimized and your end-users are are empowered with data-driven insights.

Ready to Make the Move?

Reserve your free Tableau Cloud Assessment today!

Reserve your free Tableau Cloud Assessment today!

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