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Cleartelligence is a Tableau Premier Services Partner, with a large, certified team of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server Qualified experts including Tableau Ambassadors and Visionaries. 

Introducing Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud is a fully hosted cloud-based solution that provides a fast, flexible, easy-to-use platform designed to fit your enterprise architecture. Never have to configure servers, manage software upgrades, or scale hardware capacity again!

Why it's important:

  • Embedded Analytics bring data into every conversation. 

  • Build and scale analytics more easily than on premise environments.

  • Centralized governance ensures your data's integrity with automated authentications and permissions management.

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How it Works:



Our experts thoroughly review your current environment. Configuration, security, content topology, connection and subscriptions inventory, and process governance are assessed deeply - we invest the time to understand your unique requirements.



Data sources and dashboards are moved to Tableau Cloud. 



We provide a detailed migration roadmap that takes you from provisioning Tableau Cloud through content curation and delivery. Timing is critical for a successful migration!



Before going live, we ensure your Tableau Cloud environment is optimized and your end-users are are empowered with data-driven insights.

Our Expertise

For the last 11 years we've helped leading enterprise organizations implement modern analytics with Tableau. We're a trusted Tableau Premier Services Partner with proven methodologies and a reputation for successfully deploying end-to-end analytics using the modern data stack. 

In those 11 years we've worked with multinational retailers, biopharmaceutical and medical device giants, cornerstones of consumer banking, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies from an array of industries. 

We have over a dozen world-class data visualization experts, and we're proud to have team members who have risen to the upper echelon of the Tableau Community . Our team includes a Tableau Visionary (formerly known as Zen Masters) and both social and public Tableau Ambassadors. They have been recognized for being leaders who share a passion for helping people see and understand data.

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Reserve your free Tableau Cloud Assessment today!

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