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Pharma Sales Accelerator

Built by the field, for the field

Empower sales teams with analytics that drive insights in less than 5 seconds.

There is no shortage of data sources available to pharmaceutical companies. IQVIA, Veeva, McKesson, the list goes on. A vast inventory of data sources is very powerful but can also be daunting. We've collaborated with our pharma clients to streamline these disparate data sources and create a process that curates and conforms data to drive actionable insights.

The Pharma Sales Solution leverages multiple data sets to provide sales executives the ability to sell smarter with quick insights. This solution includes territory performance, national comparisons, competitive performance, activity impact (calls, lunch & learns, etc.) and HCP level detail.

The Pharma Sales Solution:

- Provides sales executives a holistic view of their territory or region’s performance with the ability to drill down into the granular data.

- Harnesses the power of Tableau: this dashboard enables sales executives to view their product and market share performance as well as compare it to the national level. This provides a deeper understand of personal performance and overall market trends.

-Enables enables better targeting and strategic planning by drilling-down into HCPs, products, and competitors

Built by the field, for the field, the Pharma Sales Solution ensures delivery of quick and actionable insights under 5 seconds!

Engage Users

Engage Users

Engage sales users with analytics in quick views that provides insights in under 5 seconds

Actionable Insights

Gain insights that allow users to make actionable changes to drive behavior

Comprehensive Data

Script volume, competitive data, calls, lunch & learns, and more! The solution provides a holistic view of performance

Contact us to arrange a demo or discuss how you can leverage our Pharma Sales Dashboard within your organization.

Your Data Awaits

Start your journey today.

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