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Data Harmony

Manage data harmonization with simplicity!

Cleartelligence has perfected the harmonization of business analytic data with an easy to use web-based application.

Our Data Harmony application make it easy for you to manage and control master data, reference data, and custom hierarchies. Data Harmony easily addresses age old problem where reporting is stymied, delayed, or workarounds are needed to generate reliable analytics because data is not aligned, grouped, or uniformed correctly.

Data Harmony solves problems such as:

-Managing custom product, customer, vendor groupings
-Establishing sales and financial hierarchies
-Improving customers and vendors data integrity
-Integrating and aligning data from acquisitions

Equivalency Through Hierarchy

Built from the ground up by data consultants who have been solving business data integration problems for decades, we leverage an intuitive and simple hierarchy management concept to establish "sameness" between data elements.

By rolling up multiple instances of the same concept into single "parents" within the hierarchy, we establish equivalency and enable data integration, within, between and across systems!

Mastering capabilities and attributes management allow you to get more out of your hierarchy and automated updates, integration with source data and centralized administration help you achieve the data harmony needed to drive smarter, more agile business intelligence.

Central Web-Based Interface

Central Web-Based Interface

The application interface was designed for simplicity and ease of use via a web-based. You can be up and managing your data within days

Master Records Management

A key value of the application is the simplicity of maintaining your master data and your custom reporting groups to support your self-service analytic needs

Automated Updates

The application was designed with automation as a integral part so that data is flowing seamlessly from source to the repots and dashboards

Security and Privileges

The ability to assign user security is built into the application to allow teams to be able to manage their own data

Manage Business Hierarchies

Create and manage any business hierarchies: Client, Vendor, Product, Sales Org, Region, Organization, Personnel, etc...

Custom Attributes

The ability to create and edit custom attributes allowing flexibility in upstream reporting

Web-Based Administration

The Data Harmony application contains a simple to use administration consoles allowing to setup the environment and manage security

Contact us to arrange a demo or discuss how you can use Data Harmony to simplify your data integration and hierarchy management.

Your Data Awaits

Start your journey today.

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