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Cleartelligence is a Select Snowflake Services Partner, with multiple team members SnowPro Certified. We work with leading Life Science, Financial, Consumer Goods, and Technology organizations to implement data cloud solutions using the modern data stack. 

Snowflake enables every organization to mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Customers use the Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies. Thousands of customers across many industries, including 223 of the 2021 Fortune 500 as of October 31, 2021, use Snowflake Data Cloud to power their businesses..

Legacy data platforms and big data solutions struggle to deliver on their fundamental purpose: to make it easy to amass all your data, enable rapid analytics, and derive data-driven insights for all your business users. To achieve this, Snowflake built a new data platform from the ground up for the cloud. It’s designed with a new architecture to be the centerpiece for data pipelines, data warehousing, data lakes, data application development, and for building data exchanges to easily and securely share governed data. The result? A platform delivered as a service that’s powerful but simple to use.

The Snowflake platform is the innovative technology that powers the Data Cloud — the global ecosystem where Snowflake customers, partners, and data providers can break down data silos and derive value from rapidly growing data sets in secure, governed, and compliant ways. Specifically, the Data Cloud is where thousands of organizations have seamless and governed access to explore, share, and unlock the potential of data.

Snowflake has more than 5,400 customers1 , including 223 of the Fortune 5002 , and continues to grow rapidly. Notable customers include: Adobe, Age of Learning, Airbnb, Albertsons Companies, Anthem Inc., Blackboard, BlackRock, Capital One, ConAgra Foods, Deliveroo, Doordash, Dropbox, Electronic Arts, Hulu, Instacart, JetBlue, Kraft Heinz, Lionsgate, Logitech, McKesson, NBC Universal, Novartis, Office Depot, Okta,, PDX, PepsiCo, Rent the Runway, University of Notre Dame, Yamaha, and many more

Why Implement Snowflake?

  • Scalable – spin up or down clusters and warehouses to change compute power on the fly​​

  • Only pay for compute you use – assign resources by need​​

  • Low total cost of ownership – you no longer own hardware, time-consuming upgrades, consistent maintenance, and outage management​​

  • Decoupled storage and compute, allows for nearly unlimited compute scale and workload isolation​​

  • TimeTravel and recovery functionality further cuts down on DBA time as well as risk of lost objects​​

  • Ingestion performance (locks at micro partition)​​

  • Better query optimization​​

  • Better support for semi-structured data, JSON within SQL and native storage data type​​

  • Easy to use, lower admin and engineering effort​

Snowflake Operational Cost Calculator

When it comes to cloud migration, cost is a primary factor for even the largest firms. You need to have a good idea what your annual storage and compute costs are going to be to make the most informed decision possible. And there are so many variables! What if data science needs more compute? What if load frequency needs to be adjusted? 


We've taken the stress out of all of that with the Snowflake Operational Cost Estimator. Plug in your unique inputs and you will quickly see the forecasted annual costs for storage and compute. The Snowflake Operational Cost Calculator gives a directional estimate intended to facilitate cost forecasting for individual warehouse deployments.


Ready to Learn More?

Contact us to discuss your data needs. You can also try Snowflake free for 30 days using our Partner referral link. Trial includes $400 worth of free usage!

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