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Our Application Development group builds custom web and mobile applications for departmental, enterprise and SaaS use

Our Approach

We initiate projects with a traditional software development life-cycle approach and work to understand requirements, goals, and what defines success for the project though interviews, facilitation, and high-level concept review. 

We develop early proof of concept and visual artifacts in order to further define vision and clarify expectations. 

Once we establish clear direction, we are practitioners of Agile Methodology, developing product backlogs and managing progress through sprints and releases. 

Full Stack Development

Most of our work involves the most widely adopted tools and technologies such as Java, HTML5, Angular, Jersey, Typescript and NativeScript, in combination with leading SQL and NoSQL database platforms such as Postgres, Oracle, Cassandra and HBase.

Established Frameworks

Over the past several years, we have built up frameworks and code examples that help us move quickly through software development cycles.

Embrace Open Source

Our approach is to leverage the most mainstream tools and frameworks because they have the strongest communities, richest documentation, and are most likely to have staying power over time

Pragmatic Design

Our designs take into account the ways that the system is likely to evolve. At the same time, we are pragmatic in our focus on delivering the releases that are needed in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Sustainable Code

Our leadership comes from a Software Product Development background which makes us culturally extra thoughtful about the quality and maintainability of our work. 



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