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This month's Consultant Spotlight is John McMahon!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

John is a Senior Data Engineering Consultant at Cleartelligence. He is driven to help businesses unlock latent potential through robust data and analytics solutions. John’s areas of focus include architecting solutions from the ground up, integrating legacy systems into modern toolkits and workflows, and enabling organizations to discover hidden data insights and actions.

Prior to working at Cleartelligence, he worked in the data engineering and analytics spaces within the Finance and Publishing industries, spending time both as an individual contributor and as a manager of a cross-functional team. John is set to finish his Master of Business Administration degree (STEM Designation) at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business next Fall, with concentrations in Business Analytics, Operations and Finance.

John's Specialties

- Data Architecture/Warehousing


- Process Innovation/Solutions Engineering

John's Hobbies

- Soccer (Both playing and watching)

- Amateur Electrical Engineering

- Reading Science Fiction and Fantasy

John's Cool Data Story

As a prior academic project, a classmate was struggling to make sense of trends in his company’s help desk ticketing system. Tickets were created via email and did not have any uniform structure or templates. I used the gensim Python library to implement a topic modeling algorithm (an LDA model), revealing that VPN updates were the leading cause of tickets. The firm decided to deactivate VPN auto-updates and as a result, they were able to substantially reduce incoming tickets.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Cleartelligence, he said...

What I enjoy most about working at Cleartelligence is interfacing with clients to get to the root of pressing business problems and utilizing my experience in the field in conjunction with access to cutting edge technology partners to deliver best in class solutions.


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