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What's New with Tableau in 2020.2?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022


Tableau’s Data Modeling Enhancements are off to an amazing start with this first step dubbed: Relationships. Rethink all those data sources you have created and joined. Instead of creating traditional joins we can now use relationships to analyze data across multiple tables and different levels of detail.

We’ve all built data sources, defining joins, counting records, accounting for drops and duplicates. Then, after that’s all done, going through and creating complex LOD calculations.

Instead of using those traditional joins, relationships allow us to analyze data across multiple tables and different levels of detail. Now we can create complicated data structures, using relationships between tables and analyzing data stored in common data warehouse schemas, like stars and snowflakes, with just drag and drop functionality.

The magic happens when Tableau automatically selects and adjusts join types intelligently based on your data and what you’re doing in the viz. It will aggregate at the level of detail of the fields in your viz rather than a static table we used to get from joins. This means no more of those pesky LOD calculations.

Don’t worry. Joins are not going away, and existing workbooks won’t break when upgrading to 2020.2. There will always be a place in our hearts for them.


Metrics were designed for the exec on the go. This is a new way to share KPIs, optimized for Tableau Mobile. Creating those BAN at the top of a dashboard was always more complicated than it looked. If you had three to five KPIs at the top, it meant creating one or more sheets per KPI then getting them all aligned and looking good on a dashboard. Your users then had to go through the different dashboards to get after KPIs across multiple subject areas.

Metrics are a new content type that live within projects. You can create a metric from almost any dashboard with a single click then view them on the web or Tableau Mobile app.

I think we’ve all known users and execs that wanted access to high level numbers on demand. They might be walking into a meeting or on a call and need to pull up the latest sales numbers. But it goes beyond executives. There are plenty of opportunities to help your customers and clients who are in the field or on the go.

Those are some of the biggest changes 2020.2. There are others we cannot wait to utilize like the enhancements to Set Controls and Set Action Improvements. For the full list of updates check out


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