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IT Performance Analytics

Tableau Accelerator

IT Performance Analytics

The IT department is an intricate machine. From project delivery to enterprise architecture and project management, there are numerous groups that ensure an organization’s technical success. Managing this operation efficiently and accurately is key to this success.

The IT Performance Analytics Accelerator shows IT leaders actionable KPIs and mid-level drill down views from across their organization including Finance, HR, Project Management, Customer Satisfaction, and Cyber Security. This accelerator is meant to be a centralized reporting hub for ongoing business reviews with key stakeholders.


Answer Key Business Questions

  • Which projects falling behind based on scheduled go-lives?

  • Are we in line with financial forecasts/projections?

  • Where are our cyber security concerns within our key platforms?

  • Is employee attrition within acceptable tolerances?

  • What level of business benefit does our existing project pipeline deliver?


Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Actual vs. Plan Spend %

  • Retention %

  • IT Benefit to Goal

  • Business Benefit to Goal

  • Projects Completed

  • Critical Issues Tracked

  • Customer Satisfaction Score

  • Critical Vulnerabilities Tracked

Present Your Organization’s Vital Signs with a Simple One-Screen Summary

IT Vital Signs Animation

What are Tableau Accelerators?

Tableau Accelerators are ready-to-use dashboards and workbooks. They are meant to help you bring analytics to your line of business, vertical, or sector. Rather than starting with a blank canvas, you can now start with an expert-built (that's us!) dashboard to get data-driven insights faster. Start monitoring and improving KPIs across your entire business today! 

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