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Full Stack Application Development Consultant

Feeling stagnant?  Missing out on new waves of technology?  At Cleartelligence, we work on a diverse set of projects with a diverse set of clients.  You will never be bored.  This is a role for people who consider themselves life-long learners.  Cleartelligence is a growing mid-sized consulting firm.  We’ve had a steady and growing portfolio of clients since our founding ten years ago.  We are small enough to provide senior level attention to detail for our clients and large enough to have the resources to serve their needs.  In other words, our clients are pleased with our work and that fuels both positive work experiences and a continuous flow of opportunities.  Every consultant matters to us and our clients.


Our projects are generally new customer initiatives and represent progression in the customers technology stack.  Some are dipping their toes in modern cloud technologies, some are going full cloud native.  Regardless, you will work on pretty much everything in emerging and mainstream technology: Java, Python, C#, Angular, React, Lambda, Data Lake, Integration, Snowflake, DevOps automation, AWS, Azure, GCP.  We do what’s best for each client’s context, in a supportive environment where people help each other out and have each other’s backs.




  • Participate in client requirements and design efforts

  • Team oriented and full-stack development of Enterprise Web Applications

  • Development of integration programs

  • Cloud configuration and automation

  • Data model/database development and complex analytic data preparation/query requirements





  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

  • At least 5 years experience 

  • Strong communication skills

  • Solid experience with one or more object oriented development languages (e.g. Java, C#)

  • Team-oriented web development experience using one ore more front-end frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.js

  • Experience with one or more RDBMS environments (e.g. SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, Snowflake) and SQL

  • Understanding data modeling concepts



  • Tableau extension creating and coding

  • Project leadership experience

  • Cloud experience

  • Python experience

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