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Our team of experts have tackled the toughest analytics projects for our clients and are ready to help.  

Data Visualization

Our data visualization expertise runs deep. The team includes certified experts with a proven track record of delivering results to our clients. 

Brian Moore - Tableau Evengelist

Brian Moore

Tableau Evangelist

Named one of only 50 Tableau Visionaries in 2022 & 2023. Creator of professional dashboards and data art. 

Dustin Cabral - Principal Consultant

Dustin Cabral
Principal Consultant

Data Viz Consultant for 10+ years. Tableau educator. TEDx Presenter.


Josh Marsh

Senior Data Analytics & Viz Consultant

Data visualization and transformation powered by process automation & advanced analytics. Alteryx Advanced Certified.

Cloud Data Warehouse, Data Engineering & Infrastructure

Our experts are ready to help you embrace the modern data stack. Talk to us about your data ingestion, pipelining, orchestration, modeling, and cloud migration questions.


Chitra Sundaram

Principal Consultant

Specializing in life sciences, Chitra has deep expertise in establishing highly performant Snowflake environments. She is a Snowflake Advanced Architect and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.


David Dumas

Senior Data Engineering Consultant

15 years' experience in Agile Data Warehouse Design, dimensional modeling, SQL, ETL, and BI. He is SnowPro Core Certified.


Tony Popish

Data Engineering Consultant

Expert in systems architecture, development and administration in  environments including Snowflake, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Tony holds several AWS certifications.


Kacper Kcsiesk

Senior Data Engineering Consultant

Kacper is an Alteryx rockstar who is one of fewer than 50 people worldwide with an Expert Certification. 


Ron Keler

Managing Partner

Ron is a Cleartelligence founder with advanced certifications and 20+ years experience in data engineering.

Analytics Strategy, COE & Roadmaps

Digital transformation and data-driven culture are developed by implementing analytics best practices that address technology, processes, and people.


Anil Bharadwa

Managing Partner

Experienced in designing and implementing analytics centers of excellence (CoE) and analytics enablement programs.


Marissa Wilson

Principal Consultant

Our analytics training guru. Marissa uses in-person and virtual training to enable analytics centers of excellence and promote technology adoption across organizations.

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