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Executive KPI Accelerator

Tableau Accelerator

Executive KPI Accelerator

Growth, sustainability, workforce, and inflation are amongst the top concerns* of today's executive leaders. Monitor your most crucial KPIs quickly and easily with our dynamically configurable dashboard solution. 

The Executive KPIs Finance Accelerator shows finance leaders actionable KPIs metric categories from across their organization including Financial, Revenue Drivers, Allocated Expenses, Expense Drivers, and more. These metrics are dynamically configurable and can be displayed across varying timespan comparisons.


Answer Key Business Questions


  • Where are our biggest revenue drivers?

  • How have our expenses changed over time?

  • Is our corporate headcount tracking to plan?

  • What are our primary cost drivers?


Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Contractors

  • Employee Benefits

  • Identifiable Intangible Cost

  • Incentive Compensation

  • Info Systems

  • Occupancy

  • Others

  • Salaries

  • Transaction Processing

  • Revenue Generating

  • Savings

  • Headcount

  • Allocated Expenses

  • Allocated Revenue

  • Direct Expenses

  • Direct P&L

  • Direct Revenue

  • Full P&L

  • Losses

  • Market Indices

  • Repricing

  • Sales Wins

  • Total Pipeline

  • Cost Drivers

  • Cost Pools

“The last time we saw this type of sharp change in business leaders’ top priorities was in 2009 through 2010, during the financial crisis. In 2022, the Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey showed that business leaders are reprioritizing some key areas of enterprise purpose and management focus.” 

-Mark Raskino, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner

Customizable KPIs & Time Perspectives Simplify Executive  Decision Making

Executive KPIs Animation

What are Tableau Accelerators?

Tableau Accelerators are ready-to-use dashboards and workbooks. They are meant to help you bring analytics to your line of business, vertical, or sector. Rather than starting with a blank canvas, you can now start with an expert-built (that's us!) dashboard to get data-driven insights faster. Start monitoring and improving KPIs across your entire business today! 

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