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Cleartelligence is a dbt Preferred Consulting Provider, and has been carefully vetted for their ability to implement dbt with analytics engineering best practices.

What is dbt?

dbt is an open core solution that lets data teams transform data directly within the cloud data storage layer. dbt Cloud offers a centralized development experience for anyone who writes development code to also safely deploy, monitor, and investigate that code – all in one web-based UI.


dbt Cloud also provides a layer of abstraction and automation that eliminates all of the setup and maintenance work required to manage data transformations at scale. Now anyone on the data team who knows SQL can own (or have more direct insight into) end-to-end transformation workflows, without filing a ticket.

dbt’s development framework promotes 4 key outcomes

  • Collaboration: dbt code is sql-based and self-documenting; everyone can work together

  • Velocity: Focus on analytics, not infrastructure and ship data products 3x faster

  • Quality: Test and work from the same assumptions to ensure alignment

  • Governance:  Standardize processes and control access to simplify compliance

dbt framework diagram

Legacy warehousing was costly and complex

  • Transformation had to happen outside the data storage layer

  • Infrastructure coordination and management was a full-time job

  • Analytics was disjointed across engineers, analysts, and stakeholders

Cloud warehousing made transformation cheap and easy

  • Elastic storage and compute enabled in-warehouse transformation.

  • Cloud architecture abstracted away infrastructure management

  • Engineers could focus on more high-leverage work, like optimization

dbt Cloud plugs directly  into the modern data stack

dbt cloud modern data stack diagram

dbt solves the workflow problem in analytics by changing how data teams work together.

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