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Data Visualization Consulting

Tableau data visualizations deliver the most important information efficiently and beautifully to your end-users.

Our Approach

Our data team’s first priority is to understand your business challenges. We dive deep into your current data before developing any technical solutions. Once we've established your desired business outcomes, our team of data artists work to re-imagine how your analytics are visualized. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions to complex business problems in a visually inspiring way.

Phone and laptop showing revenue growth

CLIENT WIN: 5x organic referral growth through sales dashboard.

Benefits of Data Visualization Tools

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

Incorporate visualization best practices and build powerful, interactive dashboards capable of analysis across multiple dimensions.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Curated data sources empower your organization to build analytical content and explore insights.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

Embed analytics directly into operational and SaaS solutions like Salesforce, making decision making pervasive.

Sharing & Collaboration

Sharing & Collaboration

Use Tableau server to share visualizations across your organizations and incorporate your company’s governance processes.

Tableau Training

Tableau Training

Our certified trainers empower your organization with the skills necessary to leverage the analytics capabilities of Tableau.

Tableau Premier Services Partner badge

Cleartelligence is a Tableau Premier Services Partner, with a large, certified team of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Cloud experts including Tableau Ambassadors and Visionaries. 

Is Tableau the right data visualization tool for your organization?

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Start your analytics journey today.

Industry-Leading Data Visualization

Tableau Accelerators

Tableau Accelerators are ready-to-use dashboards and workbooks. They are meant to help you bring analytics to your line of business, vertical, or sector. Rather than starting with a blank canvas, you can now start with an expert-built (that's us!) dashboard to get data-driven insights faster. Start monitoring and improving KPIs across your entire business today! 

Executive KPIs

Growth, sustainability, workforce, and inflation are amongst the top concerns of today's executive leaders. Monitor your most crucial KPIs quickly and easily with our dynamically configurable dashboard solution. 

Return Fraud Monitoring

According to the National Retail Federation, retailers lose $24 Billion annually to return fraud. We've created an easy way to not only identify, but predict return activity in your establishments.

Executive KPIs Animation
Return Fraud Monitoring Dashboard

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