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Chart Champ has returned for it's 3rd annual installment!


This year we will be combining technologies from Tableau, Alteryx, and DataRobot to challenge our contestants to the max!


In addition, the festivities will be held at the home of the Red Sox, Fenway Park! We've got real Red Sox data for our lucky contestants and will also be hosting workshops for attendees.


Come join us for 2018's main event!

Event 1: Workshop
Alteryx Logo.png

Event Summary:

Join us for a great self-service analytics workshop hosted by Alteryx! Bring your laptops for this event, recommended for new users looking to get initial experience with the tool or users who need a refresher on self-service data analytics using Alteryx. Oh, and you'll be getting lunch as well! :) Note: Please bring your PC laptop to participate in the hands-on workshop!


  • 12:00 pm - Check-in / Registration

  • 12:30 pm - Lunch!/Keynote

    • Gain insights on how Self-Service Data Analytics has transformed from mundane data prep to solving the impossible

  • 1:00 pm - Expert Demo: Applying Self-Service Analytics​

  • 1:30 pm - Break

  • 1:45 pm - Hands-on Workshop: Break the Barriers to Insight​ (Baseball themed data!)

  • 3:00 pm - Break


Please register on our EventBrite page for the Alteryx workshop. You can register for this workshop independently from Chart Champ or sign up for both combined!

Event 2: Presentation

Event Summary:

Newcomers to Chart Champ, DataRobot is here to show you how you can become an AI-Driven Enterprise with Automated Machine Learning. The team will show you the art of the possible with DataRobot and will prime your brains for our contestants to blow you away with its application!


  • 3:15 pm - DataRobot - Bringing automated machine learning to your organization

  • 5:00 PM - Cocktail Hour / Networking

Event 3: Chart Champ

Tableau Logo.png

Event Summary:

Welcome to the main event - hosted at the State Street Pavilion inside Fenway Park! Our finalists will be presenting their analytic creations to our esteemed judges and the crowd, demonstrating their expert application and creativity. Of course, they won't leave empty handed, you all know by now that we give away some cool prizes to those brave enough to compete in Chart Champ!

Where is the Event:

Fenway Park is a historic venue which we are proud to call the home of Chart Champ 2018! Located in the heart of Boston, Fenway is an ideal location for our biggest event yet! Our space, the State Street Pavilion, is a luxurious setting with a great view of the field! Come join us and watch the contestants show off in style!

State Street Pavillion 1.jpg


  • 4:30 pm - Check-in , Food & Drink , Networking

  • 6:00 pm - Welcome & Introductions​

  • 6:15 pm - Dashboard Presentations​

  • 7:30 pm - Judging

  • 7:45 pm - Winners Announced! ​

Who Should Enter?

  • Local Developers Only (Must be in attendance to qualify)

  • Individuals Only (no teams)

  • Cannot work for Tableau, Alteryx or DataRobot

  • 18+ Years Old

Why Enter?

We are happy to announce that our grand prize is the Combo Package of 2 Tickets to Hamilton in Boston and 1 Night Stay in the 4 Star Godfrey Hotel! Hamilton is the hottest show in the country and has finally come to Boston! You will have prime seating for the show and an amazing room at the Godfrey afterward, so no need to worry about driving home! This pacakge is worth $1500!

Hamilton 1.jpg
Godfrey Hotel 1.jpg
Godfrey Hotel 2.jpg

But don't worry, we have some awesome prizes for our runners up, some of which we'll show, but there are always some surprises we like to keep until the day of! How about a pair of RedSox Beats Wireless headphones to make your work and recreation an amazing audio experience!


How to Enter?

Step 1: Register

You will need to register both if you are competing OR spectating. Click the button to the right to register.


Step 2: Get the Data

This year getting the data is a two step process because we have been given Red Sox data! To sign the waiver email me at and I will send you the waver and then the dataset link!

Step 3: Training

Tableau is a required piece of the Chart Champ competition however, Alteryx and DataRobot usage will enter you for our "best use of tool" prizes (judged by Alteryx and DataRobot representatives! For Alteryx, please use their online training guides if you are not familiar with the tool. For DataRobot, they will be hosting a training for contestants who want to learn the tool at their home office in (One International Place, 5th Floor, Boston) on September 6. Email Dustin at ASAP if you are interested in using DataRobot for Chart Champ and want to attend the training (limited availability)!


Step 4: Build & Submit

You must build and submit your dashboard to us by September 20, 2018. Dashboards/Flows must be uploaded to OneDrive (link will be provided to you via email).

Step 5: Go to the Event

You must be in attendance in order to qualify for the contest. You will be presenting your dashboard live in front of the audience and judges.

Google Maps.png

What is the data?

  • The data is a pitching analysis dataset provided to us by the Boston Red Sox themselves! Some of the questions the Red Sox team would like answered:

    • Are there any key trends found in the data?​

    • Can we correctly model the pitch by the given characteristics?

    • Can we predict the next pitch coming?

  • Of course, your analysis is not limited to the above - surprise us and you might find yourself becoming the next chart champ!


  • Competitors should prepare a 5 minute presentation! The presentation is going to be quick, so time yourself when you are practicing (we will have a timer to help you keep track)! The presentation should be structured using the below categories.

  • What did you create?

  • Who is the audience?

  • What is the goal?


  • Dashboards will be judged on 3 key areas:

    • Design (25%) – Make it look spiffy, people like looking at pretty things

    • Functionality (25%) – Make it cool and functional, its Tableau :)

    • Storytelling / Usability (50%) – The dashboard should tell a story and allow users to dive into the data!​​

  • Best Use of Alteryx & DataRobot

    • Contestants will receive bonus points for using Alteryx and DataRobot in their submissions and will be eligible to receive additional prizes for their efforts! We HIGHLY encourage the use of these tools in Chart Champ 2018!

A finalist pool will be chosen prior to the event and those finalists will need to present at the event to qualify for the grand prize! The finalists will give a very brief presentation at the event (~5 minutes). After final presentations, final scoring will be assessed and the winner will be announced!

Important Dates:

August 20th  - Chart Champ is officially open! Follow the steps above to register and receive the data!

September 20th - Dashboard submission due date. All dashboards are due (no exceptions!).

September 27th - The main event! Come see the competitors present their dashboards live and join us for a night of charts, food, and fun!

Key Points:


  • Contestants must use at least 1 of the provided data set(s). Additional data can be used if desired.


  • One Dashboard Per Contestant!!

  • Dashboards must be 1 page only!

  • Workbooks must be submitted via OneDrive - A folder will be created for you to upload your work.


  • Bring your laptop as well as a backup flash drive with your dashboard/flows. You know how these events go, we want to ensure you can present no matter what!


  • Wear whatever you are comfortable in! If you want to be really cool, wear your Tableau, Alteryx, or DataRobot gear!

Bring your Ticket

  • If you don't have a ticket you won't get in, so remember it! Also, your ticket will be used for a guest prize giveaway!!

Best of Luck!


Please send any questions to:

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