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The introduction of the cloud set off a generation of reinvention, and now, the next wave of reinvention will be driven by data. Leaders need to be able to rely on data to make informed decisions, look around corners, and take meaningful action. So building a data strategy is an imperative for organizations that want to stay relevant now, and in the future.

AWS provides the most comprehensive and most cost-effective services for data, analytics, and machine learning. With AWS, organizations can modernize their data infrastructure with the most scalable, trusted, and secure cloud provider, unify their data silos with secure and well-governed access to data across data lakes and purpose-built data stores, and reimagining old processes with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). AWS has helped more customers modernize their data strategy with tens of thousands of data lakes on AWS, more than 450,000 databases migrated from on-premises to AWS, and more than one hundred thousand customers using AWS for AI/ML.

The benefits of migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) go beyond cost savings. AWS empowers businesses to improve productivity, business agility, and operational resilience. AWS has helped thousands of organizations migrate to the cloud with a proven approach to help you reach your business objectives, faster.

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Evolve and modernize your data analytics capabilities leveraging AWS to drive tremendous business value and unlock new analytics capabilities at incredible speed and reduced cost. We review and assess your business requirements, and leveraging our decades of experience in the industry, develop a roadmap that fits your short term needs and long-term goals. We architect and build a future-proof cloud-based analytics environment or can optimize your existing environment. Whether you are looking for help with data architecture, data curation and integration, data ingestion, data governance, data security, master data management, data visualization or machine learning and AI, our consultants will advise you on how to best leverage AWS tools to implement scalable, flexible, secure, and resilient solutions.

We work with you to understand your situation, business landscape, technical capabilities and stacks and will understand your people, technology and process domains, strengths and gaps so we can advise on the most effective and efficient data analytics solutions that fit your specific need.

  • Analysis of your current data and analytics landscape, maturity level, business needs and gaps

  • Advise, strategy and implementation solutions around your data lake, lake house, data warehouse or other cloud data paradigms

  • Data ingestion and storage leveraging S3 and beyond

  • Advise and implementation services related to your AWS cloud databases:

    • From selecting the right RDS flavor to meet your needs, sizing your Redshift cluster or configuring DynamoDB to deploying CI/CD solutions for your data engineering team

  • Data integration using Glue and other tools

  • Advanced analytics, Machine learning and AI use cases with SageMaker

  • Stunning data visualization solutions with Quicksight

  • Analytics tools deployment on AWS EC2

  • Data exchange interfaces

  • APIs development for data access

  • Lambda development for data pipelines support and other custom solutions

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