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Analytics Enablement Series

Enterprise analytics enablement centered on the four key building blocks of modern data analytics:

Strategy, Technical, Visualization, and Community


Your CDO just implemented Tableau at your organization. That's great! all the dashboards have a different look and feel, half the team hasn't even logged in yet, and you're feeling like your license cost is quickly becoming is a sunk one. 

That's where we can help - our analytics experts have helped numerous enterprise organizations roll out successful Analytics Centers of Excellence. Whether you need technical guidance, help managing governance and enterprise architecture, spreading visualization best practices, setting up your COE, or all of the above, we've got a proven track record of enabling self-service analytics at scale. 

We're not just technical experts. We're data communicators. Our team is highly active and connected in the data visualization community - we speak the same language, have the same interests, and understand the pain points and challenges your team is facing. Your team has probably met or seen us at Tableau User Groups, organizing community engagements as Tableau Ambassadors and Visionaries (we've got two - Brian & Jacqui Moore!) or at various analytics industry events. 

Take a look at some of the big-box topics we could present on, or drop us a line below with something more custom you're looking to accomplish. 

Center of Analytics

Start Small, Think BIG.  Learn how to build out a Center of Analytics and create a data driven organization​

  • COA Strategy​

  • COA Keys to Success​

  • COA Program Services​

  • COA Framework​

  • COA Roadmap​

Enterprise Architecture

As technologies progress, learn how to establish an enterprise architecture to advance your organization to the next level​

  • Reference Architecture​

  • Data Analytics Architecture​

  • Server Architecture (Cloud vs On Prem)​

  • Technical Service Frameworks​

  • Technical Product Frameworks​

Tableau Governance

As the use of Tableau scales, learn how to manage the environment to promote innovation and balance governance​

  • Admin​

  • Persona / Roles​

  • User Types​

  • Content Types​

  • Data Types ​

  • USES Cases​

  • Policies​

  • Process

  • Server​

  • License Management​

  • Topology  / Permissions​

  • Content Promotion​

  • Server Usage​

  • Data Connection Type​

  • Change Management​

  • Release Management​

Visualization Best Practices

Learn how to ensure your visualization delivers business insights & an intuitive user experience​

  • Visualizing Data Effectively​

  • Chart Types​

  • Color​

  • Layout​

  • Story Telling​

Dashboard Delivery

Incorporate data visual design theory into your analytic visualizations to effectively rollout content for the best adoption​

  • Design & Psychology​

  • Enemies of a Good Design​

  • Dashboard Performance​

  • Distribution Method ​

  • Rules of Persuasion​

  • Defending Design​ Examples​

Data Preparation

Data Preparation is key to any analytical effort.  Learn how end users can leverage technology & methodology to create flexible data sources​

  • Reference Architecture​

  • Data Analytics Architecture​

  • Server Architecture (Cloud vs On Prem)​

  • Technical Service Frameworks​

  • Technical Product Frameworks​

Tableau How-To Sessions

From data to visualization to server, the Tableau Doctor Sessions cover an array of topics​


  • Data Source​

  • Aggregation​

  • Filtering​

  • Parameters​

  • LOD Calculation​

  • UX/UI Design​

Tableau Server​

  • Security​

  • Performance​

  • Configuration​

  • Monitoring​

  • Subscriptions​

  • Alerts

Analytics Community

Learn how to share success stories across the organization and inspire users to become analytical experts ​

  • License Management​

  • Portal​

  • Training / Enablement​

  • Tableau Doctor​

  • Usage Reporting​

  • Blog/Email​

  • Events​

  • Recognition​


We understand that teams are at different stages of their analytics journey. Contact us to learn how to customize the perfect enablement series for your organization. 

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